Fukuoka-Shi consists of 7 Wards :

The total land area of Fukuoka-Shi is approximately 340 km2, the Chuo-ku is the administrative center of the city, the most crowded and densely populated part of the city.

The Hakata-Ku is the Main Transportation Hub with its JR train station. It is also a popular commercial and shopping district in Fukuoka.

These two wards made up only 13.7% of the total area of Fukuoka City but together, their population makes up more than 1/4 of the total population in Fukuoka City, therefore we are putting our focus in finding investment opportunities in theses two wards.

This is an overview map of Fukuoka City. On this Map, please take notice of two important wards: 1) Chuo-Ku (The City Center) and 2) Hakata-Ku ( The Commercial and JR Station). This two major Ward is linked by train station via a 6-minute route across 1 station.

Chuo-Ku Map

Hataka Ku Map

The Chuo-Ku map on the Left includes Tenjin and Daimyo which are among the largest downtown areas in Kyushu. In Tenjin, there is a concentration of urban malls such as Daimaru, Mitsukoshi Mega Departmental Malls which carry international brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Frank Muller.

In addition, along the streets, one can find an abundance of international brand names such as Apple, Forever 21, H & M, Zara, Nike and Adidas which set up their flagship stores in the Tenjin vicinity.

The presence of mega foreign investors signifies a strong vote of confidence in the potential on the Fukuoka City's economic developments. To take advantage of the landscaped developments and the improved infrastructure due to foreign investments and the local government ongoing efforts to attract foreign investors, it is good to look at areas surrounding the vicinity of the downtown belt of Tenjin.

  1. Daimyo
  2. Imaizumi
  3. Tenjin 1-3 Cho Mei
  4. Tenjin Minami
  5. Yakuin
  6. Watanabe Dori
  7. Ropponmatsu
  8. Jigyo area near the Fukuoka Hawks Town

On the right side is the map of Hakata-Ku, the focus will be areas near the vicinity of Hakata JR Station because of its highly convenient and accessible location via its transportation networks that connect Fukuoka to the other cities.
An important milestone in Year 2011 is the opening of the JR Hakata City on March 3, 2011, coinciding with the full-service opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen. Encompassing Hakata Hankyu Department Store and Amu-Plaza Hakata, which consists of 229 specialty shops and the first Tokyu Hands in Kyushu, JR Hakata City is one of the largest station buildings in Japan, and is becoming a hot spot for people all around Kyushu to visit Hakata and boosting the activities as well as desirability of the surrounding area in Hakata Ku.

Interestingly, there is an area in between Hakata Station and Tenjin Station – The Canal City.
This area is well known for its many eateries and shops as well as its ramen stadium which houses a great variety of ramen from all over Japan. Many famous brands' flagship store has sprung up around the Canal City. In addition, mega hotel chains such as The Grand Hyatt is located at the Canal City. The prosperity of this area adds value to the real estate around its vicinity.

Moreover, due to the City's future planning to expand its existing Nanakuma Line to link Tenjin Minami to Hakata Station via Canal City. The opening of the Canal City Station will serve as a boost to the value of the real estate around the area.

The above are the various compelling reasons for us to focus on real estate investment opportunities in the areas that we highlighted.

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