At Fukuoka Properties, Transparency is highly valued. We want our clients to know what we work, how the value our work add to their benefits as well as to let them know how we charge for the services we provide.

Fukuoka Properties plays a central role in the following ways:

Organizing the information regarding the real estate that the client is interested in and collating the Pros and Cons of the selected properties in a clear and precise report.

Double Checking from a third party perspective to ensure clients got the best negotiated deal and offer opinion based on our experience in investing in real estate in Fukuoka for the clients' consideration.

Collating and verifying information provided by the Real Estate Agencies which are handling and/or marketing the properties.

Engaging the necessary best service and reputable Legal Offices, Tax Accounting Firm and Real Estate Agencies necessary for the sale and purchase of properties in Fukuoka. Our track record and experience in dealing with these parties ensure a value for money package for our clients as well as a peace of mind that the parties engaged to handle their investments in Fukuoka are trustworthy and reputable companies.

Managing the real estate for our clients. Fukuoka Properties has a strong relationship with our real estate agency based in Fukuoka and we are able to provide regular updates on the invested properties in terms of rental collection, change of tenants, repair and maintenance, yearly tax due as well as to arrange for rental to be remitted to the clients' choice of bank in their country.

Documenting the investment in English. At Fukuoka Properties, we will provide our client a report detailing their investment. This spreadsheet will include a breakdown of costs involved in the sales and purchase, the rental yield, the total capital outlay from the client as well as the details of the properties our clients invested


For the work we do, we need to collect a fee to sustain our business and its operation. However, we do understand our clients' desire for cost savings. Fukuoka Properties strive to strike a balance between our company's need and our clients' need so that we can achieve a win-win situation.


Fukuoka Properties upon engaged by our clients will put our utmost effort to get the best negotiated deal that will translate into bigger capital savings for our clients (which will more than compensate for the cost of hiring us) and our ongoing services will give our clients a peace of mind that they know who to look for should they have any questions or queries regarding their purchased properties.

Illustrated Example of Transaction Fees: All Amounts in JPY:

In summary, all the fees necessary to complete the transaction will be an estimated of 10% of the Purchased Price. This is why it is important to use the expertise of Fukuoka Properties in arranging for the most cost effective relevant Professionals to minimize cost and at the same time engage a Buyer-side Agent to represent your interest in Japan so as to negotiate a good price for your properties.

Fukuoka Properties seeks to Minimize the Costs that our clients need to bear so that we can assist to Maximize their Incomes and Returns from their investments.

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