Before we start talking about ourselves, we like to take the first opportunity to share on why we choose to focus on Fukuoka NOW.

Fukuoka is a modern and sophisticated city of Japan with growing population, the 6th largest and the 2nd youngest city in Japan.

Unlike Tokyo and Osaka, Fukuoka indeed has the benefits of the best of both worlds, being a developed 1st tier city with similar Quality of Living, Growing Population and Increasing Economic activities due to the influx of foreign investments but yet at the same time, enjoys comparatively Lower Cost of Living, especially in terms of prices of residential and commercial alternatives compared to Tokyo and Osaka.

Fukuoka enjoys a very healthy rental market with vacancy rate under 11%, its vacancy rate has been declining for the 5th consecutive quarter since 2011.

The opportunity lies in an ideal investment environment for investors to invest in both commercial and residential real estate. There are also buildings for sale but these are getting scarcer by the day as the supply is quickly absorbed by demand due to its high rate of return and the warming of Japan overall investment sentiment.

We are focusing on the older buildings, mainly because of Japan's decades of declining prices, most apartments and buildings between 20-35 years old are currently only a fraction of their brand new price. Having said so, conditions for economic activities as well as the entire quality of living and business environment have improved tremendously over the same 30 years.

The current undervalued real estate market is by itself an ideal opportunity for investors to take advantage of. More importantly, after the massive monetary expansion campaign announced under Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, since April of 2013, the right catalyst is in place to turn the opportunity into real rewards in the near future.

This is why, we are emphasizing NOW is the Best Time to invest and to ride with the tide of the awakening of the Japanese economy and harvest the rich "Sea Delicacies" that comes with the tide.

To summarize our motto, we strive to facilitate and assist our clients to seize the opportunity to invest in Good Value Real Estate in Fukuoka at a Comparatively Lower Capital Outlay with a (unleveraged) High Stable Rental Yield (10%-15%) with Potential of Capital Appreciation.

The combination of the above factors is the main driver for our enthusiasm in focusing and encouraging our investors from all over the world to look at Fukuoka NOW and add it into their investment portfolio.

We are an elite team of people who love Fukuoka, for its people, its culture, its environment, its vibrant social and business activities. We love the business of real estate and we believe that the right way of investing in real estate can give very satisfying rewards to the investors.

We work in a team to make sure we can facilitate our clients' real estate investments and cost efficiently plan for the future management of the invested properties. We aspire to establish and develop a long-term relationship with each and every one of our clients who believe in us and engaged our services.

We have associates in Hong Kong, Singapore and Fukuoka, Japan to assist with our clients' queries.

We work with reputable real estate agency in Fukuoka, which will manage and take care of the invested properties. We recommend and engage reliable registered Judicial Scrivener and Tax accountant to handle legal and tax matters regarding the properties.

As the facilitator that brings about the seamless cooperation of this group of capable professionals, Fukuoka Properties will do our utmost to give our investors the peace of mind that their assets are well taken care of and in full compliance with the laws of japan on land title rights as well as tax compliance issues.

At the end of the day, we want to see our investors, receiving their stable income stream with minimal hassle on their part and them having the security that the invested properties have been lawfully registered in their rights in accordance with the laws of Japan. Finally, we are here to provide answers to their queries whenever they need advice.

Below are the core members and working partners of

Fukuoka Properties Company Limited

Ms. Annie Ho

Mr. Julian Chau Sales Director

Collaborating Team:

Real Estate Management

Judicial Scrivener

Tax Accountant

Immigration Lawyer (Gyouseishoshi)

Fukuoka Properties 株式会社 and Team of Fukuoka Real Estate Agencies

Mr. Toru Shinbori

Mr. Mitsu Kojima

Mr. Shusaku Kimura

Again, we thank you for taking your time to read about what we do and we welcome you to join us in the joy and lucrative business of investing in Fukuoka real estate.

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