Upon confirmation of the use of our Facilitation Services by the execution of our Facilitator Contract, we will proceed with the below 7 Step Process:

Before we start your real estate investment search, there are 3 Answers we need from you.

How much can you set aside to invest and how long can you stay invested?
What is the anticipated return you like to see for your real estate investment
Are you looking more of a stable rental yield or higher potential of capital appreciation or a mixture of both.

These 3 simple questions will help greatly in the selection of properties that will best fit your criteria. It cannot be emphasized enough that we need to narrow down the choices of properties that best fit your investment criteria. This is so that we can speed up your decision making process as Super Good Buy (SGB) in Fukuoka can be gone as fast as in a single day once it is on the market.

Racing with time and other potential buyers, we will consolidate and give you a report on the 3 best available properties that best fit your investment criteria. The report will list down the Pros and Cons of that particular property as well as a detailed calculation breakdown on the Costs and Returns from the investment.

We will discuss with you and explain the mechanism involve to assist you in the decision making process. We will also provide guidance and advice in terms of price negotiation for the selected property and assist in conveying your queries to the Real Estate Agencies in Japan and vice versus.

We are appointed by you and our utmost priority will be to secure the best interest for you and to get the best bargain for you.

Once we have confirmed the targeted property and the price to offer, we will make a formal contact with the seller's agent or sometimes the sellers themselves.

This is the first formal offer and the price we offer will pend for the seller's agreement, this will normally take around 3 business days. If the seller disagrees and put up a counter offer then we will discuss with you and the price negotiation process continues until we reach an agreement or until either parties decides not to go ahead.

Once we reached a consensus between the buyer and seller on the price and conditions, we will draft a contract to formalize the Sale and Purchase intention. At this Stage, to execute the formal contract to purchase, the buyer will need to put in a deposit of an amount that is equivalent to 10% of the agreed purchase price of the property.

This is important as should the seller default on this contract, we will be able to claim for you a compensation amount equivalent to the deposit on top of refund of your deposit.

However, if the buyer default on this contract, then the buyer will incur the cost of the 10% deposit paid as well as any Facilitator Fees paid to our company.

At this stage we will arrange for the Judicial Scriveners and Real Estate Representative in Fukuoka to schedule the completion date for the sales and Purchase Transaction.

We will advise you on the scheduled date of completion, normally 2 weeks from the 10% deposit made.

We will prepare documents for you to sign so as to authorize our Japan counter parties for the completion of the Sales and Purchase Transaction. We will prepare Statutory Declaration Papers for you to execute in the presence of your country's recognized notary public for Identity Verification purposes

Once we ready all your documents, we will Courier by Express Mails to our Japan counter parties. For your part, you will need to ready the balance 90% of the purchased price as well as any other additional costs involved in the purchase.

The monies will be remitted to the Designated Real Estate Company's Fukuoka Bank Investment Account, to be held in trust for you pending the execution of the Sales and Purchase Transaction.

On the scheduled date of Completion, all parties-Both Buyer and Seller side as well as the Judicial Scrivener and Bankers will meet at the Designated bank: The Fukuoka Bank, to counter check all documents as well as to transfer the purchase monies to the seller.

Our appointed legal personnel: Judicial Scrivener, will witness the transfer of ownership process and will proceed to register the property under your name and apply for the formal land title rights proofing transfer of ownership.

We will email you a copy of the registration of transfer of property rights within 3 business days from the transaction completion date.

The Formal land title deeds will be sent to you after our judicial Scrivener collects the documents from the Fukuoka land registry within 3-4 weeks from the registration date.

As the new owner of the purchased properties, we will advise you on all matters regarding the purchased properties. With your approval, we can assist to appoint tax accountant to handle tax issues and the reporting of yearly revenue and apply for tax deductions to maximize your profit.

In addition, we will assist you to appoint the Real Estate Management Agency, normally same Agency as the one which transacted the property, to manage all matters regarding the purchased property. The services will include collection of rental, and transferring of rental to your designated bank account as well as any issues regarding repair or change of tenants or other relating issues on the property under management.

If you would like to renovate your properties for Resale or finding tenants who can pay higher rental, we can assist you in appointing our contractor and interior designer as well as monitoring the entire renovation process. We will convey your instructions and/or ideas to the relevant Japan counter parties and manage the entire process to make it easy and hassle free for you.

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